LGBTQ Inclusivity

The nittany lion shrine with a rainbow overlay.
Image Courtesy of the Penn State Commission on LGBTQ Equity

Currently, I am a member of the College of Arts, Media and Design Diversity Committee at Northeastern University. I work specifically on making sure our college’s policies inside and outside the classroom are inclusive of queer and trans identities. Previously, I was an affiliate for the Penn State Commission on LGBTQ Equity during the 2017-18 academic year. In this role, I worked with the university administration to design and to help implement various policies focused on making the campus more inclusive and welcoming for LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty.

As an instructor, I pride myself on having an inclusive classroom where students are free to express themselves, which is often difficult while teaching public speaking. Previously, I was a member of the Penn State LGBTQ Safe Zone program where I learned how to best cultivate these practices, drawing from my own experience as a queer and trans individual. In addition, I integrate various LGBTQ material and perspectives into my curriculum whenever possible.